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Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

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A World of Startups Pushing Music's Boundaries

The lockdown turned out to be a blessing in disguise for some, propelling us toward innovation and sparking some truly fascinating concepts in music tech startups.

I've come across a few gems recently that caught my attention.

Stem and Create Music, for instance, offer artists both funding and back-office support. What's cool about Stem is its slick automatic points distribution feature, ensuring points are recouped fairly across everyone involved.

Pretty neat, right?

Moving Beyond Traditional Concerts

There's been a leap forward in how we can experience live shows.

The time spent indoors nudged artists into finding new ways to connect with their fans. Enter the era of virtual gigs, allowing anyone, anywhere, to tune in with just a computer or phone. Imagine artists performing for millions globally, in real-time, and with stellar sound quality!

The downside?

The somewhat blocky (Minecraft-like) avatars representing artists.

This digital disconnect might be why the virtual concert scene hasn't exploded yet. There’s just something about experiencing an artist live, in the flesh, that a pixelated avatar can't match.


We've been enjoying better-quality cartoons for decades, after all.

But picture this: a concert where you feel genuinely immersed in the crowd, where the virtual and your living room worlds blend seamlessly.

The technology is almost there.

For those who've experienced VR or immersive audio, you know the potential for a truly immersive show that looks and feels real.

Side note - Have you had the chance to try the Apple VisionPro yet?

The Rise of Industry-Supporting Startups

On the flip side, startups focusing on the music industry's infrastructure are making significant waves.

A couple of startups have sparked my interest:

  • EVEN - A new streaming platform aimed at fostering more engagement between artists and their fans.
  • Bronze - Still in beta, this Music Creation Tool is all about leveraging technology to create songs that are interactive and generative.

The list goes on, with platforms for tour marketing, music repertoire management, and credits management.

Even the big players, like UMG, Sony, and Warner, are setting up hubs and incubators for music startups and entrepreneurs!

What a time!

So, there you have it.

The music industry is on the cusp of a revolution, fueled by the creativity and innovation of startups. They're not just getting by; they're setting the stage for the future of how we create, share, and experience music.

You know where to find me!


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