Outside The Box - From Tokyo to Cairo, the Next Big Hits in Music

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Growing Markets!

For decades, J-pop remained an enigmatic gem, cherished within Japan and by an army of fans.

But now, the scene is shifting.
J-pop's global popularity is surging, marking unprecedented moves on the international charts.

Unlike the West, where streaming has overtaken physical, CD sales in Japan remain "rock solid". This is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and a fan-driven demand for collectibles. Merchandise to limited editions, Japan has masterfully leveraged it.

Japan is one of the top global music markets, mainly thanks to CDs.

However, since 2022, streaming in Japan has jumped up by over 17%.

J-pop is going global thanks to a younger generation being more into social media, reaching new audiences far beyond Japan.

This blend of maintaining strong physical sales while expanding digital footprints is something the global music industry is watching closely.

In 2023, J-Pop accounted for 2.1% of the top 10,000 most streamed songs worldwide. Along with Hindi, it was one of the only two languages to see its market share increase last year.

Simultaneously, the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) music scene is experiencing a renaissance. The region possesses a rich musical heritage and is now blending traditional and contemporary sounds, captivating listeners worldwide.

Streaming platforms have catapulted MENA music onto the global stage, enabling artists to reach a wider audience.

With a fresh mix of sounds and instruments, which cross-genre hits will top the charts next?

The Bigger Picture

These trends highlight a shift.

The global music landscape is becoming more diverse.

The music scene is growing more inclusive, embracing a variety of sounds from around the world, as demonstrated by the success of K-pop.

The rise of J-pop and MENA music not only enhances the music scene but also creates new opportunities for artists, producers, and the future of this industry.

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