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Published 23 days ago • 2 min read

Hey, Reader, it's Jerome -

AI on the front wall of UMG

Deep fakes threaten artists' successes, and AI stands prominently at UMG's forefront.

Seems like we've been warned about a lot of what’s been happening lately.

And of course, we're only starting to measure against growing AIs.

To cite a few:

  • The Taylor Deep Fake saga raging on X
  • UMG's new marketing strategy heavily involves AI tools
  • Majors & Governments passing laws against AI-generated music

We could continue with these examples, but I want to bring your attention to what UMG is doing.

As I said in an earlier issue, UMG has been investing in and developing AI tools for their personal use.

A great example was UMG's involvement in the release strategy for Megan Thee Stallion, showcasing its commitment to blending traditional artist promotion with innovative AI technologies. This approach not only amplified Megan's visibility but also highlighted UMG's forward-thinking adaptability in today's digital music landscape.

But that's not all!

UMG believes they can bring 1 billion subscribers to their platforms through strategic AI integration, enhancing user experience and creating a more personalized music journey for each listener. New discussions are rising on the role of AI in achieving this ambitious goal. This supports the company's vision for a future where technology and human creativity coexist together for the better good.

AI is here to stay. We all have to adopt it to keep growing.

There's a lot I think can be done with AI, and I have quite a few ideas I want to explore on my own.

But here are a few of the tools I've been using to make my life easier:

  • Perplexity is my new favorite web search engine. With AI integration, it allows me to do some research faster, and interact with the search engine to go deeper in the results prompted by the engine. I can ask specific questions, get specific answers, and follow up on thoughts. It’s like having two brains looking for a solution to a problem.
  • ChatGpt is another tool I use quite often. Mainly to proofread a lot of what I write. In French, it’s so common to write long sentences with many commas. In English, not really. ChatGpt corrects me on this. \

To answer possible questions, I haven’t found a big use of AI in mixing. I’m waiting for the time a brand will release an AI assistant to clean up tracks, de-ess vocals more intelligently, or even better, an AI integration in ProTools that would prep your sessions the same way you do it, in a fraction of the time.

I believe AI is a great tool and assistant. It's helping me a lot, and I know it can do more than the small portion I use it for.

Now, what's your opinion on AI? Are you using it, and how?

You know where to find me!


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